Wines, Ciders, Fruit Wines: All that’s fit to share.

At this time, we are only able to ship wine within the state of Colorado. Our apologies to our friends outside the state.

Bourbon Barrel Merlot

Our signature and best selling wine, Bourbon Barrel Merlot embodies the Red Fox Cellars mantra to be respectful but unbound by tradition. Bright, red fruits (plums, dark cherries) give way to earthy tobacco notes. These characteristics pay homage to traditional cold climate Merlots, while breaking free in aroma and finish. Having spent anywhere from 30 days to several months in bourbon barrels from various Colorado Distilleries, this Merlot’s aroma is wrought with bourbon character- expect vanilla, baking spices, and oak. On the palate, the bourbon character is very subtle. Just a hint of spicy oak firmness and vanilla lends a romantic touch of bourbon flavor, and makes this wine truly unique.


Pairs well with red meats, BBQ, and sharp distinctive cheeses like asiago or goat cheese.


Find this wine at our tasting room, College Liquors in Grand Junction, Fisher’s Liquor BarnKannah Creek Brewing Company, and in our online store.

44 Red Blend

A deceptively complex red wine blend consisting of 44% Syrah, 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Petit Verdot and 6% Merlot, 44 is a chameleon in regards to food pairings. Herbaceous or tomato heavy dishes bring the wines fruit character to the forefront, enhancing jammy grape and plum character and masking the dry finish. Savory foods like cured meats, Italian sausage, or roasted meats tend to bring out roasted bell pepper character and earthy complexity, enhancing the tannin structure and allowing the flavor to linger. This is a great dinner wine that can stand up to a wide range of foods and that changes character based on what it is paired with. This wine is unfiltered which enhances body and flavor, but may contain a light sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

Pairs well with marinara, peppery cured meats, roasted red meats.


Find this wine at our tasting room and in our online store.

Bourbeaux (Whiskey Barrel Aged Bourdeaux Blend)

Another entry in our Avant Garde series, this blend is a Red Fox spin on the classic Bourdeaux wine blend. 50% Petit Verdot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10 % Bourbon Barrel aged Merlot, 10% Rye Whiskey barrel aged Cabernet Franc. Extremely dark purple nearly black in the glass, Bourbeaux is our richest, most complex wine to date. Bourdeaux fans will recognize familiar aromas of pine and a hint of anise, but may be pleasantly dismayed at the inclusion of whiskey-like caramel and vanilla aromas, a dead give-away of American oak aging in a classic French wine style. Taste components come in rapid succession and range from pine needle and blackberry to heavy spice, especially black pepper.


Pairs well with red game meats, lamb, rosemary rubbed filet mignon. 


Find this wine at our tasting room and in our online store.


Beautifully balanced earthy and fruit character make this a great wine to pair with a wide range of foods. Dried fig and strawberry aromas persist even as the wine opens. Earthy flavors of roasted bell pepper and sun dried tomato compliment plum and dried tart cherry as high tannin and high acid allow the flavor to linger. A subtle spice and vanilla character hints at highly toasted oak aging, which helps the fruit and earthy qualities of the wine to thrive at once.


Pairs well with a wide range of foods. Savory dishes like game meats or steak bring out the earthy/peppery qualities of the wine, while herbaceous or tomato heavy dishes compliment and enhance the fruit character.


Find this wine at our tasting room and in our online store.

Long Day Rosé

Crushed, cold soaked, and pressed in a single long day, our rosé is refreshing but still bold and dry to keep it interesting. Strawberry, honeydew, and cantaloupe all feature prominently in the aroma while secondary aromas of grapefruit and a hard to define herbal quality add complexity. Strawberry is also chief in flavor, with hints of watermelon and fresh mint. A wine that’s easy-drinking enough to have by itself, or as a quick upgrade to taco night.


Pairs well with tacos – especially al pastor, flame roasted corn, pickled onions, manchego


Find this wine at our tasting room,  Fisher’s Liquor Barn, and in our online store.


Avant Garde Series Reserve: Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Cabernet Franc

Made originally as a single barrel experiment in our Avant Garde series, the first batch sold out before we could hide any away for ourselves, not so this time. Tobacco and plum come through strongest in aroma, complimented by fainter notes of dark chocolate and dark roast coffee. Spice notes (black pepper and cinnamon) from the Cabernet Franc and from the Rye Whiskey barrel itself are dominant in flavor, the barrel also lending leanness to the wine that helps to cut through rich background notes of bitter chocolate and smoked dates.


Pairs well with pot roast and roasted root vegetables, bacon wrapped filet mignon, Elk Tenderloin with Huckleberry sauce, and pecan pie.


Find this wine at our tasting room and in our online store.


We have access to some of the best fruit on the planet. We think we’d be crazy not to take advantage of that and make fruit wines and ciders. We have 8 rotating taps that we keep full with all kinds of experimental and delicious fruit wines and ciders. These are served cold and carbonated. The types and flavors are constantly changing and are only available as they last. See below for a current list of our draft wines/ciders. LIMITED quantities of bottled ciders and fruit wine available out of the tasting room beginning May 2015.




This year’s release is unfiltered, leaving bold flavors of green apple and aromas of honey and pineapple. A bright, clean finish allows the flavor to linger


Cider steeped with roasted chiles. Strong aromas of fresh roasting green chile with just a hint of tart apple in the background. Clean roast chile flavor with a crisp apple finish.


Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic dry hopped hard cider. Resinous, citrusy aroma. Flavors of citrus zest, ripe juicy peach, and a wine like quality reminiscent of sauvignon blanc. Lightly tart and dry, but refreshing.


Crowd pleasing semi-sweet cider. Fresh apple aroma. nice, pleasing sweetness and apple flavor.


Very unique cider created by cold smoking apples inside an oak wine barrel with cider soaked barrel staves, then pressing and fermenting the juice. Reminiscent of a German Rauchbier. Aromas of camp fire and subtle vanilla. Flavor is bold and smoky with a nice sour apple fruit character in the finish.